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David and Goliath:
How Chavez plans to bring the US to its knees.

IP gets an interview with a highly placed Venezuelan official

Highlights Chavez's plans

August Riis
International Press Senior Correspondent
April 11, 2006

Through an exclusive interview with a Chavez administration official, International Press investigative reporter August Riis, learns how the Venezuelan government of Hugo Chavez plans to inflict great damage on the USA, and cause chaos around Election Day 2006.

Polls now show the Democrats as prohibitive favorites to win back congress. By 50 to 30% margin, the public prefers a Democratic controlled congress.

Not many people are aware of the fact that a Venezuelan company, Smartmatic, purchased one of the big three US voting equipment manufacturers. Several months ago DeLaRue, the right wing British information conglomerate decided to “shed” Sequoia Voting Systems. The mysterious Venezuelan information firm, Smartmatic stepped unto the plate. While America insisted that Dubai not guard its ports, a voting machine manufacturer was sold to a nation at odds with America’s vision for the world (including the Bush vision of ending the Presidency of Hugo Chavez).

International Press correspondent Autust Riis recently made contact with a senior official in the Chavez government who had startling revelations on their plans for “Attack on Democracy: American Chaos 2006” as their effort is called.

According to the official the attack will be carried out in two phases.

The first is the most insidious, it involves the Venezuelan government owned voting machine manufacturer Sequoia in what can only be called an attack on democracy. The second will be the switch to the Euro for sales of Venezualan oil.

August Riis (AR): Why should we take you seriously about controlling our elections?

Senior Administration Official (SO): Sir, you should take us seriously because we can and we will decide the results of the elections in November. Through the work Sequoia and Smartmatic have carried out we are confident that we can do it. During the bidding process in many cases we have had close contact with our competitor’s equipment and had time to access their vulnerabilities.

Correspondent Riis with Senor Official somewhere in Caracas

AR: What are you saying exactly?

SO: Not only can we affect the results on our machines but we have devised a way of accessing the other machines with very little effort. Americans scoff at their Latin brothers as though we’re children but our electronics industry is truly major league and your election machine businesses are not even semi-pro.

AR: But what do you intend to gain by rigging the coming elections?

SO: We have two approaches. We will make sure that whichever party leads before the polls open is actually the loser. If the Democrats are behind, then they win and we do too. The Republicans keep hatching plots to throw us out and imprison our president in Gitmo. That would be a relief. On the other hand, if we find the Democrats ahead, we’ll be just as happy with a Republican victory. Another two years of Republican control of Congress and the United States will be bankrupt. That would serve our ends just as well. America laughs at us now but we will be the power broker for the Western Hemisphere after November 2006.

AR: Why have the leader in the polls lose the election?

SO: Chaos! In some ways, we will probably need to cause a Republican victory. That would outrage the nation and lead to civil insurrection. One of our senior strategists wants us to take financial control of Gallup and Rasmussen so we can actually show a Republican comeback, causing us to make the Democrats the winners. Another advisor pointed out that these organizations will do that any way, so why bother. We won’t be investing in American polling companies.

AR: Why the need for control?

SO: We have seen what has happened in recent elections and we feel that we can not let the coming elections take place without our intervention. In order to carry our switch to the Euro, which will strengthen our nation's position on the world stage; we need to have a government which will not threaten us with war like they did to Iraq after their switch. If the Republicans win, the country will be in chaos. If the Democrats win, well, they won’t bother with us. But by making the loser the winner, the party behind emerge as the leader, America will be so preoccupied with its own problems, it will be impotent.

At this point, the Senior Administration Official said he had to excuse himself. He asked that we not reveal his identity.

Somewhere in Caracas Venezuela, August Riis reporting.


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