Friday, April 28, 2006

Murdoch to Make a Hard Left Turn

Replacements Ready and Willing

August Riis with Domenic Debs

April 29, 2006, New York City

Olberman mocked the secrecy of the Murdoch – Democrat deal, saying,
“Shhh…I’m headed back home." He was a Fox Sports reporter who was paid
not to report due to conflicts with management there

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Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Channel is about to stun the political world. Fox will take a hard left turn in its political coverage. Long known as the first choice among right wing Republicans, Murdoch hopes the move will place Fox just ahead of the rapidly changing trends of American politics. International Press investigative reporter August Riis has worked for weeks cultivating an insider who has been with Murdoch publications from the origins in Australia through the current media empire.

Instead of doing this gradually, the plan is for a sudden switch from the current format to a centrist at first and then clearly Democratic leaning organization. The insider said “Look to the Sun.” Riis did and found evidence to support the insider’s claims.

Just before the 1997 British general election, Murdoch took the decision to steer his London Sun sharply to the left, the populist newspaper at the time suddenly proclaiming its support for Blair. This dramatic editorial decision is to be repeated if our insider is correct. Already replacements for the American Fox cable news operation editorial staff are waiting in the wings as this article goes to press.

Murdoch has been following the polling done for Fox by Opinion Dynamics. The most recent 33% Bush approval rating was a shocker. Murdoch told our source, “There’s nowhere to go for this dipstick (Bush). He’s fouled Iraq, blown the oil possibilities, and people are rightfully fed up.”

Murdoch is making the changes out of fear and pure pragmatism. Fox has been very high profile in attacking Democrats and anyone else opposing Bush. Fox realizes that a huge Democratic win in 2006 (predicted by their own polls) means an angry Democratic majority in both houses. The attitude and environment could turn suddenly hostile.

There are a number of senior Democrats who remember Murdoch’s expedited citizenship granted by the Gingrich led Republican Congress (necessary to own American media at the time). One long time Congressional aid said, “When we win, and we will, it’s pay back time. We’re going to nail this bastard to the wall.” It’s this attitude that Murdoch believes he must quell in order to survive in America.

The quid pro quo is simple. Murdoch will make the switch in the next 30 days. The Democratic leadership will guarantee no hostile investigations following the 2006 elections. Fox will move quickly with a mea culpa and then focus on the many Bush Administration scandals.

The first major move of talent into Fox will include Keith Olberman taking over from O’Reilly. Fox will force O’Reilly to debate Olberman on O’Reilly’s show and then award the show to the MSNBC favorite who worked for Fox years ago. Our source asked Murdoch if he was worried that O’Reilly might actually win the debate. Murdoch responded, “Rubbish, O’Reilly is a gallah (an idiot, a clown), a bully who backs down when forced to stand on his own.”

One Democratic insider pointed out that the party plans to get rid of media monopolies. This is a bold move by Murdoch to avoid being lumped in with Clear Channel, CBS, NBC, and ABC as a Bush collaborator. History makes strange bed fellows, predicting history makes for stranger alliances.

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